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12/07/2019China invests 17,000 million dollars in developing the hydrogen car
11/07/2019Cummins To Acquire Hydrogenics
10/07/2019Global center to improve hydrogen fuel tanks from Faurecia
09/07/2019Hyundai bets on hydrogen
08/07/2019The energy transition adds allies: the hydrogen car also claims its place
05/07/2019Global deployment of large capacity stationary fuel cells
04/07/2019Banks prepare: They will have special loans for electric and fuel cell
03/07/2019Toyota, promoter partner of the Spanish Hydrogen Association
02/07/2019The Hydrogen Aragon Foundation focuses on Zaragoza the debate on this fuel
01/07/2019Hyundai Nexo, an electric with a hydrogen battery
28/06/2019The ‘father’ of electric cars in China wants to make hydrogen a national priority
27/06/2019Hydrogen propulsion receives world accolade
26/06/2019Toyota España, Enagás and Urbaser will launch the first hydrogen refueling station in Spain equipped for passenger cars
25/06/2019Hydrogen vehicles, new universal transport
24/06/2019Enagás creates a project for the production of water and hydrogen batteries
21/06/2019They promote the first hydrogen service station for passenger cars in Spain
20/06/2019Iberconappice 2019. Important dates to remember
19/06/2019Abstracts submission to Iberconappice 2019 opened
17/06/2019The Ballard fuel cell will reduce the cost of electric buses by 35%
14/06/2019For sustainable mobility with Hydrogen
13/06/2019Magnetism drives the economy of hydrogen
12/06/2019Renfe, Alstom and Enagás present a project of railway traction with hydrogen to the LIFE environmental program
11/06/2019A hydrogene explodes in Norway; Toyota and Hyundai stop sales of their hydrogen cars
10/06/2019How to get to Iberconappice 2019
07/06/2019Ibero-American Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells IBERCONAPPICE 2019
03/06/2019Toyota and Eni Announce Collaborative Agreement to Speed Up Expansion of Hydrogen Stations and Cars in Italy
31/05/2019What will happen when hydrogen cars are affordable?
30/05/2019DHL will use Streetscooter hydrogen fuel cell vans
29/05/2019First ‘perfect’ chemical reactor that produces hydrogen
28/05/2019ABB develops first ship that will be driven by hydrogen in the world
27/05/2019The Argentine hydrogen project that makes school in the world
24/05/2019Toyota predicts that the third generation of the Mirai, its hydrogen car, will cost the same as a hybrid
23/05/2019Hympulsion: First renewable hydrogen mobility project in France
21/05/2019Conference on Energy Transition and Sustainability held at CIEMAT
20/05/2019Hydrogen cars, function and advantages
17/05/2019How hydrogen can help cities achieve zero emissions
16/05/2019Audi, Tesla, BMW and Jaguar: comparison of electric car recharge power
14/05/2019Energy Transition Conference. Sustainability Tuesday, May 21
13/05/2019Electric cars, hydrogen, LPG … which one to choose?
10/05/2019Workshop Energy Transition. Sustainability Tuesday, May 21
10/05/2019Preem and Vattenfall Form Partnership to Produce Hydrogen on a Large Scale
09/05/2019Hyundai wants to generate electricity with hydrogen
08/05/2019H2B2 launches a hydrogen production system with Rittal cabinets
07/05/2019Dismantling myths about the hydrogen car
30/04/2019Boost Commercial UAV Flight Times With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
29/04/2019KOGAS will spend US $ 4,010 million on hydrogen production facilities
26/04/2019Nikola Motor bursts with revolutionary electric and hydrogen trucks, care Tesla
25/04/2019AESC will supply batteries to more than 400,000 electric vehicles per year
24/04/2019Shanghai Motor Show: Toyota introduced the 100% electric C-HR EV and IZOA
23/04/2019Thiebault Paquet (Toyota): «Hydrogen is a better solution than the electric car»
12/04/2019Military hypersonic aircraft powered by Sixth Generation
11/04/2019Toyota obtains hydrogen from renewable energies
10/04/2019The hydrogen car has more future than the pure electric
09/04/2019How it is possible to obtain hydrogen from the air
05/04/2019LIFE programme
04/04/2019Audi will have its hydrogen car ready in 2021
03/04/2019Will hydrogen cars triumph in Spain?
02/04/2019‘MissionH24’ the prototype of hydrogen for the demo in Le Mans
01/04/2019Call for Abstracts to Iberconappice 2019 opened
28/03/2019100% electric cruises: hydrogen fuel cells replace diesel engines
19/03/2019Workshop on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
18/03/2019US Navy creates a superconductor that works at room temperature
15/03/2019High-powered fuel cell boosts electric-powered submersibles, drones
14/03/2019A new ‘water fuel’ for hydrogen cars promises a range of 1,000 km between charges
13/03/2019Hydrogen is presented as one of the main zero emission fuels for ports and cities
11/03/2019Strategic Framework of Energy and Climate: An opportunity for the modernization of the Spanish economy and the creation of employment.
01/03/2019What workshops do you need to repair cars with a hydrogen battery?
28/02/2019The CNH2 of Puertollano continues its research work within the framework of the TOGETHER project
27/02/2019This is the map that explains why in Japan and Germany the hydrogen car is a viable reality
26/02/2019All electric cars with discounts and grants for the Moves plan in Spain
18/02/2019Energy revolution: Toyota manages to extract hydrogen from the air
15/02/2019Calvera launches its gas transport leasing service
14/02/2019Nikola rectifies and will launch electric trucks with batteries to compete with the Tesla Semi
13/02/2019Air Liquide makes a strategic investment in the production of hydrogen decarbonised by electrolysis
08/02/2019The ACO creates H24Racing: Le Mans 2024 objective with hydrogen
07/02/2019The Chinese firm Aiways will debut at the Geneva Motor Show
06/02/2019Aragón and Castilla-La Mancha join forces to promote research into hydrogen and fuel cells
05/02/2019What if hydrogen was the fuel of the future and we just know how it works?
04/02/2019Continues the bet for the use of hydrogen fuel cells for the propulsion of ships
28/12/2018Hydrogen train for skiing in Luchon Superbagnères
27/12/2018Electric car: a profitable investment?
26/12/2018Objective 2030 for the development of the hydrogen society and the fuel cell
21/12/2018Scania will deliver its first fuel cell garbage truck by the end of 2019
19/12/2018The CNH2 will investigate how to bring hydrogen and fuel cells to trains
18/12/2018The Hydrogen Foundation celebrates 15 years
17/12/2018Aragon aims to become a benchmark for the mobility of the future
14/12/2018Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Evolution
13/12/2018Aragón is positioned before the arrival of electric and hydrogen cars
12/12/2018A project of the UHU addresses the knowledge on hydrogen technologies and renewable energies
07/12/2018A group of scientists discover how to generate hydrogen fuel from water and sunlight
05/12/2018A new catalyst produces and stores hydrogen without emissions
29/11/2018ASEPA puts the focus on batteries and hydrogen in its commission of Good Practices
28/11/2018Hydrogen, a great ally to store renewable energy
27/11/2018NYK presents ship concept that does not generate polluting emissions
26/11/2018Fill the tank in 5 minutes to travel 600 kilometers without polluting: these are the cars we will have in the future
23/11/2018Which cars can be purchased from the year 2040?
22/11/2018A new material decontaminates and produces hydrogen fuel at the same time
21/11/2018General Motors shows us its military vehicle powered by hydrogen
20/11/2018New hydrogen fuel cells for large electric boats
19/11/2018Mercedes-Benz launches the first hybrid vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell on the market
14/11/2018Airbus and a Murcia firm drive technology for aircraft with clean hydrogen
12/11/2018Great Wall Motor Acquires Minority Shares in German Hydrogen Refueling Station Operator H2 MOBILITY
08/11/2018And now, the hydrogen car
07/11/2018Two consortiums in Chile adapt mining equipment to use green hydrogen as fuel
06/11/2018Hydrogen, as an energy storage solution
05/11/2018Closer to the production of hydrogen without emissions thanks to a new pilot site in Denmark
29/10/2018e.Go REx will increase the autonomy of electric vehicles with a fuel cell
26/10/2018Fronius inaugurates Austria’s first «green» hydrogen refueling facility
25/10/2018A bold plan without much promotion: Russian engineers develop an electric plane
24/10/2018Financing for the first hydrogen ferry in the United Kingdom
23/10/2018Successfully test a prototype hydrogen-scale car that generates and stores gas safely
22/10/2018Chinese companies team up to develop hydrogen trucks
19/10/2018The industry expects to have 140,000 hydrogen cars in Spain in 12 years
18/10/2018Mercedes starts deliveries of its first electric car driven by hydrogen
17/10/2018A group of the ULL obtains two patents on energy efficiency in micropiles and photovoltaic cells
09/10/2018Could hydrogen be the future of mobility?
08/10/2018New concept of fuel cells with biological design
05/10/2018Hydrogen, as an energy source, is a small reality with enormous potential
04/10/2018Hydrogen fuel cell buses put into use in Shanghai
03/10/2018Volkswagen and Stanford reduce «significantly» the cost of fuel cell manufacturing
02/10/2018This Hyundai NEXO is the first vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell registered in Spain
01/10/2018Hydrogen in Japan
28/09/2018Hydrogen support grows among European governments
27/09/2018Effective deposition of thin insulating layers for sensors in hydrogen technology
26/09/2018Bsharktech develops ORCA 1, a hydrogen refueling station for drones
25/09/2018BMW participates in Hypercar meetings and bets on hydrogen
24/09/2018Plastic waste bid to fuel hydrogen cars at Swansea University
21/09/2018e-troFit, the ZF solution for remotorizing industrial vehicles
20/09/2018They create a competitor for graphene, suitable for the quantum computer
19/09/2018We have sailed in the Energy Observer: this is how our day has been, thanks to hydrogen on land and sea
18/09/2018Chile’s first steps to produce green hydrogen
17/09/2018Hyundai prepares a truck powered by hydrogen
14/09/2018Hydrogen is postulated as an alternative to diesel and electric cars
13/09/2018The hydrogen industry could move 1,300 million and create 227,000 jobs by 2030
12/09/2018Toyota presents its first hydrogen-powered vehicle in Alcobendas
11/09/2018Technological functionality of hydrogen cars
10/09/2018The tricks of prehistoric algae to move hydrogen cars
07/09/2018Green hydrogen, the energy solution to reduce emissions
06/09/2018A project in Japan will generate 10MW of hydrogen from renewable energy
05/09/2018Start project to develop hydrogen cells in east China
04/09/2018The heritage of Rudolf Diesel
28/08/2018Mercedes Concept Marco Polo: the advance of the first caravan with hydrogen battery
27/08/2018New design of batteries to reach 1,000 kilometers of autonomy
24/08/2018Iberdrola installs its first network with a fuel cell
21/08/2018All electric cars, forced to emit acoustic warnings from 2019
20/08/2018The future of aviation is electrical
17/08/2018This new energy storage system releases hydrogen or electricity
16/08/2018Fuel cell kart
15/08/2018SteelCell, the fuel cell that can run on petroleum products
14/08/2018Toyota reaffirms its commitment to hydrogen despite the electric seems to prevail
13/08/2018Nikola Motor gets more than 100 million to finance its electric truck to hydrogen
10/08/2018Why the hydrogen car will have it so difficult in front of the electric car
09/08/2018Hydrogen production at the Hellisheidi geothermal plant in Iceland
08/08/2018Mobility driven by hydrogen is getting closer thanks to next-generation fuel cell systems
07/08/2018Nissan reaches an agreement with Ceres Power for the development of its solid oxide fuel cell
06/08/2018Korea will bet on electric cars with 600 km of autonomy and ultra-fast recharge
03/08/2018Prague will have its first hydrogen station as fuel
02/08/2018Will the use of hydrogen-powered cars spread across Europe?
01/08/2018Steeling’ from fossil fuels: Austrians to power steel industry entirely on clean hydrogen!
31/07/2018Increased confidence in the safety of hydrogen fuel cells
27/07/2018Will hydrogen cars be the future of the automotive industry?
23/07/2018In Germany the first hydrogen train in the world will start to circulate: it only emits «water vapor»
20/07/2018Hydrogen bicycles for individual mobility
19/07/2018Efficient generation of solar hydrogen in a microgravity environment
18/07/2018New record of hydrogen produced by direct solar division of water
10/07/2018New project of 11 million euros combines tidal energy and hydrogen
29/06/2018First operational hydrogen train in the United Kingdom presented at Rail Live by researchers at the University of Birmingham
28/06/2018Audi and Hyundai collaborate in the development of fuel cell technology
27/06/2018The electric car is imposed. Nissan and Renault suspend their hydrogen program
26/06/2018New material with the properties to obtain water fuels
15/06/2018GenCell A5, first alternative of economic primary energy to diesel generators
14/06/2018Renfe designs a train for El Musel that uses algae biodiesel as fuel
13/06/2018Hydrogen knocks on the door
12/06/2018Opel will develop new engines and advance the PSA fuel cell
31/05/2018BMW first on the market with wireless car charger
30/05/2018Alliance for the Decarbonization of Transport
29/05/2018Toyota plans to multiply its sales of hydrogen vehicles by ten from 2020
28/05/2018The US Department of Energy announces nearly $ 13 million in small business research and development for EERE, including 4 hydrogen projects and fuel cells
15/05/2018New generation of ULPHE-PEM fuel cells
14/05/2018GREENMAR Project
11/05/2018Marine robotic systems
10/05/2018Energy challenges in industrial applications of drones
30/04/2018Hydrogen cars, the transport of the future?
27/04/2018New truck uses hydrogen fuel without fuel cells
26/04/2018Gumpert returns with his new Chinese partner, RG Nathalie, sporty fuel cell
25/04/2018A simple grid increases the efficiency of the fuel cell by more than 30 percent
18/04/2018Hydrogen: the fuel cell car, on the take-off ramp
17/04/2018The governments of Australia and Victoria announce the launch of a hydrogen pilot plant test in the LaTrobe Valley
16/04/2018JIVE 2: Dundee and Aberdeen will receive 22 hydrogen buses
13/04/2018Air Liquide Japan opens the first permanent hydrogen station in the city of Kawasaki
05/04/2018The «slow» advance of hydrogen as an alternative fuel
04/04/2018This 2018 comes the electric revolution: 88th edition of the Geneva Motor Show
03/04/2018Javier Brey: «Without a country strategy, nobody will sell hydrogen cars»
02/04/2018Audi tests its oil-free naphtha
15/03/2018Computational chemistry to find a photocatalyst of Hydrogen
14/03/2018Japan H2 Mobility: en busca del desarrollo de las hidrogeneras
13/03/2018United Kingdom tests with the hydrogen train of Alstom
12/03/2018The first «green hydrogen» plant in Spain will be installed in Castilla-La Mancha
01/03/2018Development of a simple and rapid diagnostic method for polymer-electrolyte fuel cells
28/02/2018The new fuel cell demonstrates exceptional power density and stability
27/02/2018High efficiency and low cost catalyst for water electrolysis
26/02/2018Rational design of light nanometric-sized elements for the storage of hydrogen: classes, synthesis, characterization and properties
15/02/2018The research uncovers the mechanism behind the water hydrolyzing catalyst
14/02/2018Hydrogen: fuel of the future?
13/02/2018A new strategy for efficient production of hydrogen
12/02/2018Columbia engineers develop a floating platform of solar fuels for seawater electrolysis
01/02/2018Manufacture of Fuel Cells for a fraction of the cost
31/01/2018A new approach for rechargeable batteries
30/01/2018Chemical network could be key to capture pure hydrogen.
29/01/2018New catalyst for the manufacture of shale gas fuels
15/01/2018Haskel will develop Clean Energy Technology as part of the Joint Venture of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
12/01/2018Study increases the hope of cheaper fuel cells
11/01/2018A Start-Up for much faster batteries
10/01/2018Harnessing the power of algae, the new and greener fuel cells are closer to reality
29/12/2017Honda stands out from Nissan and Toyota in its policy of electrification alliances
28/12/2017Toyota will electrify its fleet of vehicles before 2025
27/12/2017Toyota announces that it will launch 10 electric cars in three years
26/12/2017Honda has patented a hydrogen motorcycle, and there are reasons for it to be the fuel of the future
22/12/2017Japan powers fuel cell cars with more than 80 new hydrogen facilities
21/12/2017The prices of batteries for electric cars will stabilize in 2020, says Hyundai
20/12/2017Thor Trucks presents its own electric truck, the ET-One that will compete with the Tesla truck.
19/12/2017Hyundai and Kia announce 38 new releases of electric vehicles
14/12/2017easyJet and Wright Electric, a pioneer in electric aircraft, profile the future of aviation
14/12/2017Deutsche Post is going to test fuel cell vans for delivery
13/12/2017Viking plans the first cruise ship powered with liquid hydrogen
12/12/2017Cologne will have the largest fleet of fuel cell buses in Germany
11/12/2017Fuel Cell Mass Production in Germany
07/12/2017BMW and Toyota, allied by hydrogen
05/12/2017Toyota’s new hydrogen plant will produce 1.2 tons per day
05/12/2017Fiat Chrysler plans an association of hydrogen engines with Hyundai
04/12/2017Cheaper batteries, the key to the massification of electric cars
01/12/2017Bus powered by hydrogen started operating in Liberia
28/11/2017Ontario seeks design concepts for GO trains powered by hydrogen
28/11/2017Germany: Boilers powered by accelerated natural gas fuel batteries in domestic use
28/11/2017The hydrogen energy comes a little closer
27/11/2017Army scientists discover power in urine
24/11/2017The new Hyundai SUV powered by hydrogen, hunted in the open
23/11/2017Nikola Motors announces 16 hydrogen stations
23/11/2017Hydrogen, a viable energy alternative?
20/11/2017Toyota presents two new hydrogen prototypes in Tokyo
20/11/2017What will be the role of hydrogen against climate change?
20/11/2017True Zero expands its network of hydrogen stations
16/11/2017Alstom sells the first trains powered by hydrogen
16/11/2017Electric, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles benefit from the 50
16/11/2017Plan Movalt 2017: what about the help to buy an electric car?
15/11/2017Opel will be «profitable, electric and global» from 2020
15/11/2017Mercedes will continue to bet on diesel hybrids
15/11/2017Germans will build synthetic fuel production plant from water
14/11/2017The BAIC EC is the best-selling electric vehicle in the world
13/11/2017Microsoft innovates with fuel cells in data centers
13/11/2017Did you know that enzymes rival platinum?
10/11/2017DSM develops a solution of innovative materials for high pressure tanks made of composite materials for the storage of hydrogen
09/11/2017WPI researchers demonstrate a new membrane technology that can help make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles viable
08/11/2017The first ship propelled by methanol fuel cells in Germany now navigates the waters of Lake Baldeneysee
08/11/2017Interest in hydrogen batteries has returned
07/11/2017Toshiba presents a revolutionary battery called to electrify the car
06/11/2017A hydrogen car will cost the same as a hybrid in 2025 according to Toyota
06/11/2017A new method allows to obtain more hydrogen with less electricity
03/11/2017ENGIE and Schneider Electric mark the first milestone of Singapore’s multi-fluid renewable microgrid
31/10/2017From sugar, to hydrogen: alternative fuels (or not) to the plug
27/10/2017The future of the cars: where the most important manufacturers in the world are pointing
26/10/2017Toyota will unveil two fuel cell prototypes at the Tokyo Motor Show
26/10/2017Scientists study getting fuel from the air
25/10/2017Mercedes begins an electrical offensive until 2022
24/10/2017Book of Communications of the III Ibero-American Congress of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2017 -IBERCONAPPICE 2017-
24/10/2017Anglo American swims against the current in backup fuel cells
24/10/20173 Emerging fuel cell technologies that you should know
23/10/2017Equinix will install the largest deployment of fuel cells for the data center placement industry
23/10/2017A development project has resulted in great commercial success
23/10/2017Bubbles help new catalysts to self-optimize
21/10/2017Tides, wind and hydrogen: clean energy for the Orkneys
19/10/2017The company Calvera supplies equipment for a hydrogen generation project in Scotland
19/10/2017First hybrid electric and hydrogen vehicle could set a new course for manufacturers
17/10/2017Huesca ‘takes a decisive step in its commitment to hydrogen’
17/10/2017General Motors presents how the military vehicle of the future will be
16/10/2017Hyundai gets the batteries
16/10/2017General Motors presents SURUS: new autonomous hydrogen platform
13/10/2017New material produces hydrogen with seawater and solar energy
12/10/2017Aragón and Huesca join in their commitment to hydrogen
11/10/2017Technology star event to offer Nuvera® fast fuel fuel cell systems for electric forklifts
10/10/2017Development of hydrogen supply infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles: status update
09/10/2017Vidagua, the best water enriched with hydrogen
06/10/2017The first hydrogen cruise A reality not so far away?
06/10/2017Scientists unwrap the beneficial role of oxidation in hydrogen storage
05/10/2017GM plans to launch 20 electric vehicles by 2023
05/10/2017Storing Hydrogen for Fuel-Cell Vehicles in Solid-State Compounds
03/10/2017The Puertollano National Hydrogen Center will host the VII ICTS Management Conference
03/10/2017A new synthesis route for alternative noble metal catalysts
02/10/2017New hydrocarbon fuel cells with high efficiency and low cost
29/09/2017Toyota, Mazda and Denso will create a new electric vehicle company
28/09/2017A nanomaterial helps to store solar energy efficiently and economically
28/09/2017McPhy Energy enjoys more success in the rapid development of the on-site hydrogen production market for energy plant cooling applications
25/09/2017Bosch and Nikola collaborate in the development of a new electric propulsion system for trucks
25/09/2017Spanish researchers determine the capacity of microalgae to purify biogas and obtain biomethane
25/09/2017The 10 most spectacular electric and fuel cell concepts
23/09/2017How tomorrow’s cars will be
23/09/2017A transmission system for a long distance electric truck
22/09/2017The National Hydrogen Center celebrates a day of open doors
22/09/2017Hydrogen, the gasoline of the future
22/09/2017A didactic workshop shows hydrogen as an alternative fuel in Puertollano
21/09/2017Propose an efficient and safe hydrogen storage and production system applicable in automobiles
21/09/2017Toyota was selected among the 10 companies that are changing the world the most
20/09/2017Vehicles that enter fully into the electronic market
19/09/2017The hydrogen fuel cell advances, but very slowly
18/09/2017The bus moved by acid
15/09/2017The Tesla truck will be presented on October 26, and this is the scenario that you will find
14/09/2017«Microcogeneration of fuel cells: generating sustainable heat and energy for the home»
12/09/2017Mercedes-Benz, closer to the hydrogen production stack
08/09/2017PowerCell prepares the delivery of the first PS-5 fuel cell system to China
08/09/2017The smallest fuel cell charger in the world even smaller: myFC’s JAQ Hybrid debuts at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai
07/09/2017Solar material to produce clean hydrogen fuel
07/09/2017Prysmian aboard the Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel to circumnavigate the globe in a 100% ecological way
05/09/2017One-dimensional nanostructures for PEM fuel cell applications
05/09/2017Metropolitan Police tests a hydrogen fuel cell scooter
04/09/2017New gold-based catalyst could improve the performance of vehicles with hydrogen
30/08/2017They discover alternative to produce vehicles of hydrogen
30/08/2017Siemens is not far behind in electricity storage
28/08/2017What suppliers will survive in the electric car era?
27/08/2017United Kingdom launches new program to support fuel cell vehicles
26/08/2017Toyota will launch new batteries for clean vehicles in 2022
26/08/2017California leads the world in sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the first half of 2017, says Information Trends
26/08/2017Methanol and bioeconomy: present and future
25/08/2017ULEMCo will offer a fuel cell range extension module for the Nissan e-NV200 electric van
25/08/2017Toyota collaborates with the world’s first hydrogen powered boat
25/08/2017The ‘supercar’ with Mercedes F1 engine, at the Frankfurt Motor Show
23/08/2017Renewable hydrogen for the transport and storage of energy, and much more
23/08/2017Why hydrogen will change the future but can not take off in Argentina
23/08/2017The new hydrogen truck from Nikola, which will be released in 2020, has already received 8,000 reservations
23/08/2017The new generation of the Hyundai FCEV will arrive with a range of 580 km
21/08/2017The largest microbial fuel cell to date will power the urinal that will be located near the pyramid stage in Glastonbury
21/08/2017H2.LIVE the application for emission-free driving
21/08/2017The subsidiary Protonex of Ballard receives the first order so that the fuel cell system can feed commercial UAVs
21/08/2017United States Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin Announce $ 600,000 for the Investigation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells from WVU
17/08/2017Renewable hydrogen for the transport and storage of energy, and much more
16/08/2017And hydrogen, why not?
14/08/2017Hidromóvil, a project to reduce the use of gasoline.
14/08/2017The US Army possesses a ‘magic powder’ that generates water-based energy
14/08/2017Electric battery powered by saliva
14/08/2017New Lexus LS Fuel Cell of Hydrogen
14/08/2017Liverpool-Manchester Hydrogen Cluste
11/08/2017Microbial fuel cell sensors for water quality early warning systems: Fundamentals, signal resolution, optimization and future challenges
11/08/2017Hydrogen trucks in 7-Eleven. Toyota will equip these supermarkets with trucks and hydrogen battery generators
10/08/2017Mexican scientists search for hydrogen from organic waste
10/08/2017[ARGENTINA] Freeway for electric and hybrid cars
10/08/2017The aid of the Movea Plan to the electric car is exhausted in just over 24 hours
09/08/2017Hydrogen research program to generate green energy
09/08/2017They installed first chargers for electric cars in service stations
09/08/2017Wirth Research announces the first vertical takeoff and long-duration landing of hydrogen-powered aircraft
08/08/2017The mobile phone towers are doubled as green power stations
08/08/2017The military ZH2 fuel cell refill vehicle at the Proton hydrogen fuel cell refueling station
07/08/2017The Japanese Toyota and Mazda team up to develop electric cars
07/08/2017BMW X7 2019: with fuel cell. The production of this SUV will begin in 2019.
07/08/2017Self-healing catalyst films for the production of hydrogen
03/08/2017The 2017 Honda Clarity Electric begins arriving today at dealers in California and Oregon
03/08/2017Toyota Mobility Foundation seeks innovative projects around Hydrogen
03/08/2017Hydrogen bus made by Franklin Chang is already in the country
02/08/2017Castilla-La Mancha joins the ambitious European operation of one billion euros
02/08/2017Polytechnics propose use of hydrogen as fuel in industry area
02/08/2017Where does hydrogen come from for the automotive industry?
02/08/2017IREC leads Cell3Ditor, 3D fuel cell manufacturing project
31/07/2017Hydrogen opens the door to the holidays of the future
31/07/2017The next SUV of the American army, will it be electric?
25/07/2017Who is who? … Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy
25/07/2017Did you know that a better microbial fuel cell is being built using paper?
24/07/2017Toyota experiences a sustainable process with hydrogen as an energy source
24/07/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017. Last days for sending communications
24/07/2017Fuel cell electric bus assessments
24/07/2017Portable energy in case of disaster
24/07/2017García-Page visits this Monday in Puertollano the National Center for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (CNH2)
21/07/2017Ballard will supply fuel cell engines to the SunLine Transit fleet
21/07/2017Toyota celebrates Japan’s hydrogen stations agreement
21/07/2017MAXITY H2 – the first French utility 100% Electric Hydrogen
20/07/2017Faurecia will develop and manufacture fuel cell tanks for electric vehicles with Stelia Aerospace Composites
20/07/2017Laboratory-scale technology recycles wastewater into hydrogen for use in fuel production
19/07/2017Who is who? … Stored Solar
19/07/2017Did you know that the performance of the fuel cell with graphene is improving?
19/07/2017The Rewind project facilitates the independence and energy efficiency of agricultural holdings
18/07/2017Who is who? … hySOLUTIONS GmbH
18/07/2017Did you know that with a new polymer you can carry hydrogen in your pocket?
18/07/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017. Payment period reduced until July 31
17/07/2017Create gaseous biofuels with wine residues
17/07/2017Who is who? … H2Gen Technical Services
17/07/2017The Hydrogen Foundation installs monitoring systems for energy consumption in mountain refuges
17/07/2017This is how hydrogen is produced to fuel fuel cell vehicles
14/07/2017Who is who? … German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV)
14/07/2017VW believes that 40 battery factories like Tesla’s will be needed for electric demand
14/07/2017Did you know that IBS researchers have reported how graphene is hydrogenated?
13/07/2017Japan launches large-scale renewable hydrogen supply chain without CO2
13/07/2017Hydrogen as an energy source, just around the corner
12/07/2017The new catalysts without platinum would lower the cars powered by hydrogen
12/07/2017Scania tests hydrogen gas propulsion on trucks
10/07/2017Innovators Catalysts would lower hydrogen-powered cars
10/07/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017. The deadline for sending communications ends within 5 days.
06/07/2017CSIRO research will fill a gap in the global energy technology chain to supply low-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from Australia
06/07/2017UPS introduces the first extended-range electric fuel cell delivery vehicle
06/07/2017An arctic expedition uses fuel cells to power the research team
06/07/2017The Government of the United Kingdom finances with 25 million pounds sterling innovative approaches focused on the use of hydrogen gas for heating
04/07/2017Hydrogen fuel reaches takeoff
04/07/2017Hydrogen storage: overcoming the gap between modeling and experiments
04/07/2017Researchers of the CNH2 of Puertollano participate in Copenhagen in the I International Congress on Electrolysis
03/07/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017. The deadline for sending communications ends within 12 days.
29/06/2017The Spanish hydrogen industry plans to generate 227,000 jobs by the year 2030
29/06/2017The three main novelties of the Movea Plan
29/06/2017Air Liquide renews with Repsol
29/06/2017Scotland collects waste with trucks powered by diesel-hydrogen
29/06/2017The hydrogen industry expects to generate 22,000 million euros and 227,000 jobs by the year 2030
27/06/2017The car of the future will be autonomous, shareable, electric or hydrogen
27/06/2017Communications Send. The deadline is extended until July 15
27/06/2017Hyundai has big plans for its new fuel cell vehicle
26/06/2017They design a new system powered by hydrogen to generate heat and electricity in homes
23/06/2017Participants of the SHIPS4BLUE project of the CNH2 of Puertollano attend the Workshop on «Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in maritime applications»
23/06/2017[ARGENTINA] Urdinarrain: students work on a hydrogen engine for cars
22/06/2017Hydrogen, champion of the future against climate change
20/06/2017Did you know that SolarBotanic and Brunel University have developed IoE’s renewable energy source that feeds telephony towers and functions as a micro network?
20/06/2017FuelCon provides the ultimate global test station for fuel cell systems
20/06/2017Toyota opens a portal to study the feasibility of using fuel cell technology in heavy truck applications
20/06/2017Air Liquide, partner of Energy Observer, the first self-sufficient hydrogen powered energy vessel
20/06/2017EMS develops new hydrogen storage system
19/06/2017Students design and build a Skoda electric buggy, called Element
19/06/2017«Call for Abstracts Until June 30 <br>
19/06/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017. 17-20 October 2017. Walqa Technology Park (Huesca) «
13/06/2017Frankfurt and Wiesbaden: new hydrogen refueling stations connect north and south Germany
12/06/2017Electric cars reach the threshold of 2 million worldwide
12/06/2017The Chamber of Commerce will participate in a project to promote electric mobility
09/06/2017Finnish plant produces hydrogen and fuels from CO2 from the air
09/06/2017Scientists design molecular system to make artificial photosynthesis possible
08/06/2017Air Liquide completes the construction of a hydrogen station in Kobe, Japan
07/06/2017Telephones, drones and cars: fuel cell technology of the future
06/06/2017The replenishment of hydrogen on a large scale is viable
05/06/2017Hydrogen production: this is how green algae assemble their enzymes
03/06/2017Contract update and hydrogen bus refueling stations
30/05/2017Puertollano: The National Hydrogen Center attends the ordinary general assembly of UNE 2017 as a member
26/05/2017Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, a hydrogen vehicle pioneer and ahead of its time
25/05/2017Self-regenerating catalyst films for the production of hydrogen
25/05/2017Puertollano: Three fuel cell vehicles of different brands and manufacturers are already on the market
25/05/2017They remove the import tax on hybrid cars
23/05/2017Hydrogen, the fuel of the future?
23/05/2017FuelCell Energy and POSCO Energy, based in Korea, announce a strategic agreement to globalize the market for stationary fuel cells
23/05/2017Hexagon Composites receives a new order of hydrogen transport cylinders
23/05/2017CSR Sifang will implement eight fuel cell streetcars in Foshan, China developed by Ballard
22/05/2017Demonstration of the SOFC Hybrid Energy System in the NSWC Carderock
22/05/2017Audi Cetus, a concept of hydrodynamic fluidity powered by hydrogen
22/05/2017Aragón shows in Belgium the applications of hydrogen to the railway sector
19/05/2017Eleven companies join forces to build new hydrogen stations in Japan
19/05/2017New approach to revolutionize the production of molecular hydrogen
19/05/2017This device swallows air pollution and returns it as energy
19/05/2017Some bacteria manage to convert methane directly into electricity
18/05/2017Loreto Daza, president APPICE gives the keys of the Ibero-American Congress of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.
18/05/2017Siemens will be a technology partner in a smart grid pilot project in Rotterdam
16/05/2017Program of the Presentation of the Ibero-American Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – IBERCONAPPICE 2017
16/05/2017Ibero-American Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – IBERCONAPPICE 2017
12/05/2017The manufacturers ask in Europe the suppression of VAT for electric cars
12/05/2017Clean energy innovations that will transform our world
12/05/2017China and India plans for electric cars threaten to reduce demand for gasoline
11/05/2017How microgrids of fuel cells improve electrical reliability
11/05/2017IBERCONAPPICE 2017 Presentation
09/05/2017PowerCell will convert the company’s vehicles into vehicles powered by a hydrogen fuel cell
09/05/2017Aragón and Scotland towards a closer collaboration in renewable energies and hydrogen
08/05/2017Hyundai Motor reveals the concept of Next Generation fuel cell at the Geneva Motor Show
08/05/2017The textile archirreals of Korea Hyosung and Kolon face off in the field of hydrogen fuel cells
04/05/2017An Environmental Case for the Fuel Cell Microgrid: Production of Energy without Combustion
04/05/2017US Hybrid Announces Joint Venture with China Fuel Cell and Unveils Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck for Drainage of San Pedro Ports
04/05/2017Workshop Hydrogen and Mobility’17
03/05/2017Málaga will host the European Congress of Hydrogen Energy 2018
03/05/2017Ballard’s Protonex subsidiary achieves successful Boeing Insitu ScanEagle RPAS test flights
03/05/2017Toyota tests a new hybrid system of electric generation of fuel cell and gas
27/04/2017BMW Designworks collaborates with Shell to improve hydrogen refueling
26/04/2017Toyota starts the test of a hybrid power generation system
26/04/2017BMW shows its «zero emission» mobility technology at the Hannover fair
25/04/2017Linde Fuels highlights at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas «Make the Future Detroit», with clean hydrogen energy for student competitors
25/04/2017Oslo, London and Amsterdam promote a greener transport
24/04/2017GM will introduce 10 electric vehicles in China
24/04/2017By hydrogen car, you are going to France shortly
21/04/2017Svalbard’s electrical power could come from hydrogen
21/04/2017Lexus launches a trio of concepts in Canada, including the flagship sedan of hydrogen fuel cells LF-FC
21/04/2017HyperSolar demonstrates successful Hydrogen production using commercially available silicon photoelectric cells
21/04/2017Fuel cell buses could boost the economy
20/04/2017Air Liquide, partner of Energy Observer, the first self-sufficient hydrogen powered energy vessel
20/04/2017Toyota will test a hydrogen truck in the United States since summer
20/04/2017Production of industrial hydrogen from renewable energies
20/04/2017A halo of hydrogen lifts the veil of our galactic home
20/04/2017FEV brings the fuel cell to the street
19/04/2017iHOD: a homemade electric generator powered by hydrogen
19/04/2017Hydrogen drone pulverizes the height barrier for rescue drones
19/04/2017Volvo announces plans to export electric cars made in China
18/04/2017Toyota will start testing vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells in October
18/04/2017The electric vehicle grows 10 times faster than the conventional
18/04/2017The many benefits of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
17/04/2017Beyond the ion-lithium in electric cars.
17/04/2017Fuel Cells Market for industrial and military applications-Global forecasts and opportunity evaluation.
17/04/2017Genesis presents the Fuel Cell Allcamino GV80 at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.
17/04/2017Honda presented its new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, Clarity Electric and Clarity Fuel Cell, at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.
17/04/2017Toshiba’s H2One hydrogen-based stand-alone and off-grid power system now supplies power to the JR station in Japan
06/04/2017The Hydrogen Replenishment Network welcomes Anaheim station
06/04/2017South Africa aims at the automotive industry with fuel cell plant
06/04/2017Scotland Yard will adopt a new hybrid fleet of police and bicycle vehicles to combat toxic air in London.
06/04/2017Radisson Blu and E.ON form a partnership for a low-emission hotel in Frankfurt
05/04/2017FuelCell Energy announces the Grid Resiliency Project with PSEG Long Island
21/03/2017Toyota will participate in collaborative research for the creation of a hydrogen-based society in the United Arab Emirates
21/03/2017China’s first manned fuel cell aircraft completes the first flight
21/03/2017The president of Toyota says that fuel cars need more time to achieve great popularity
21/03/2017Research on the use of «green hydrogen» in the refining process
06/03/2017myFC presents the world’s thinnest fuel cell at CES in Las Vegas
06/03/2017China becomes the third country to test a plane with hydrogen
06/03/2017Rebuilding a super yacht to be converted to run on hydrogen fuel cells
06/03/2017Fuel cells that feed critical infrastructure in disasters
21/02/2017Nissan presents a bioethanol fuel cell for electric vehicles to the Brazilian president, Michel Temer
21/02/2017Beer production at IIT-Kharagpur, future fuel from wastewater
21/02/2017Germany will invest 250 million euros in the manufacture of cars powered by hydrogen
21/02/2017Frontier Communications seeks state approval to install a Bloom Energy fuel cell
09/02/2017 Chinese inventor Zhan Xiaoling has invented the low-cost ecological catalyst for the production of hydrogen by hydrolysis
09/02/2017A cleaner and more efficient car? A professor of the FSU designs a new material to better store hydrogen fuel
09/02/2017The next generation of Lexus in 2019 will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells
09/02/2017The National Grid HyDeploy Consortium obtains 7 million pounds of Ofgem financing for the UK’s Power-to-Gas technology
23/01/2017Toyota explores the application of hydrogen fuel cells in heavy vehicles
23/01/2017FuelCell Energy announces a carbon capture solution for Canadian oil sands
23/01/2017China’s largest mobile phone distributor buys JAQ fuel cell chargers from the Swedish company myFC
23/01/2017SFC Energy partner, AG Group, hands the portable SFC Energy Network to the Belgian Army
05/01/2017The city of Bordeaux embarks on a project to use hydrogen fuel cell bicycles
05/01/2017Ceres Powers SteelCell technology achieves major advances
05/01/2017Pipistrel signs an electric plane agreement with China. Hydrogen fuel cells will be developed with the product
05/01/2017Competition for H2 replenishment progresses
20/12/2016The path to green hydrogen spreads through labyrinths of algae proteins
20/12/2016A new secure storage method could be key to the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles
20/12/2016Historic victory for the Toyota Mirai hydrogen vehicle at the Monte-Carlo e-rally
20/12/2016China Hydrogen signs an agreement with Impact Coatings for the production of fuel cells
09/12/2016A field test of fuel cells provides technical data in rural microgrids
09/12/201650 years of development of GM hydrogen fuel cells
09/12/2016Gore fuel cell technology applied to the latest Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle
09/12/2016Switzerland has its first hydrogen filling station
21/11/2016Plastic Omnium unveils a hydrogen storage prototype at high pressure at the Paris Motor Show
21/11/2016The first flight of a four-passenger plane with a hydrogen fuel cell takes off in Germany
21/11/2016New World Record for the Kangoo ZE-H2, a lightweight electric vehicle with a range extender by Symbio FCell
21/11/2016Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle makes its presentation at the U.S Army Show
07/11/2016Intelligent Energy exhibits Stacks of light fuel cells for unmanned aerial vehicles in InterDrone
07/11/2016Cost-effective collaboration approach for the manufacture of fuel cells
07/11/2016SFC Energy receives an order for its new UFC (Underground Fuel Cell) from the International Defense Force
07/11/2016Toshiba’s first 3.5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell system is already operational at the Toyota Honsha plant
20/10/2016 Nikola Motor Company announces that Class 8 trucks from the United States and Canada will be fueled by hydrogen fuel cells and 100% emission-free
20/10/2016GM and the US Army will release its hydrogen fuel cell van in October
20/10/2016A robust fuel cell heating unit is developed
20/10/2016 Alstom will reveal its Coradia Lint train with fuel cell propulsion system at the InnoTrans 2016 fair
05/10/2016 Korean researchers find a way to convert algae into hydrogen
05/10/2016 Simulation of key complex catalysts to make powerful and cheap fuel cells
05/10/2016Toyota and Horizon Educational Group challenge Southern California high school students to build fuel cell vehicles
05/10/2016A new research center can create great advances in alternatives to fossil fuels
20/09/2016New catalyst for the production of hydrogen
20/09/2016Hyundai will launch a new vehicle with a hydrogen engine in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics
20/09/2016Nail polish manufacturing while fuel cells are lit
20/09/2016Nissan presents the world’s first solid oxide fuel cell vehicle
05/09/2016Russia tests drone powered by hydrogen in Syria according to Army source
05/09/2016HugreenPower announces a new generation technology of hydrogen operated by a chemical hydride in solid state without catalyst
05/09/2016The new ISO technical specification feeds the future of hydrogen
05/09/2016Researchers develop a new source of hydrogen production from fescue
19/08/2016 Research on the first ethanol fuel cell in the Philippines is nearing completion
19/08/2016 Korea will increase the incentives to be a power in hydrogen and electric vehicles
19/08/2016 HyGear successfully installs hydrogen generation technology in Düzce Cam, in Turkey
19/08/2016A microbial fuel cell based on 3D Paper operates under the condition of continuous flow
06/08/2016GM and the US Navy collaborate in the development of unmanned hydrogen fuel cell submarines
06/08/2016The revolutionary invention «Pee into power» protagonist in the Glastonbury 2016
06/08/2016New molecular design to get vehicles powered by hydrogen
06/08/2016The Norwegian ambassador urges cooperation with South Korea on hydrogen-powered vehicles
20/07/2016The world’s first hydrogen-diesel bi-fuel garbage truck
20/07/2016Nissan announces the development of the world’s first SOFC propulsion system that runs on bioethanol electricity
20/07/2016Cenex will support the largest infrastructure project for the refueling of hydrogen and vehicles in Europe
20/07/2016Driven by hydrogen: from Bergen to Bolzano with the ix35 Fuel Cell
09/07/2016One technique improves the efficiency of fuel cells
09/07/2016Irish advance for hydrogen fuel
09/07/2016A Polish company presents the first hydrogen vehicle in the country
09/07/2016First fully compact Intelligent Hydrogen Station
18/06/2016The CES Surf ‘n’ Turf project ensures 5 million euros to generate hydrogen in Orkney
18/06/2016ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy, Inc. develop a new technology in Carbon Capture
18/06/2016Loop Energy and CRRC will develop zero emission propulsion systems for heavy transport
18/06/2016PaxiTech Power supply of EDF sensors not connected to the grid with fuel cell power
04/06/2016Hydrogen makes the natural gas network greener
04/06/2016EnergyOr announces the new UAV powered by fuel cell, the H2Quad 1000
04/06/2016 The world’s first hydrogen tramway leaves the assembly line
04/06/2016 ASKO, the Norwegian food distributor launches a hydrogen truck demo
28/05/2016Obtaining hydrogen from plastic waste
28/05/2016Hyundai Motor feeds the first service to share fuel cell vehicles
28/05/2016 New harmonized test protocols for PEM fuel cells in hydrogen vehicles
28/05/2016The Hydro-driven drone of MMC, the HyDrone 1800, leads the way to a new era of unmanned aerial vehicles
07/05/2016The global collaboration led by the University of Engineering of Toronto designs the most efficient catalyst in the world for energy storage
07/05/2016A Dutch university transforms the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell SUV into a power plant
07/05/2016No fear of the cold: the Toyota Mirai fuel cell is launched in Sweden and Norway this summerx
07/05/2016Panasonic and Nomura Real Estate present a theoretical plan for a smart new city in Yokohama
23/04/2016Fukushima is going to become a hydrogen production center
23/04/2016Aberdeen is the first in Europe to offer hydrogen-powered vehicles for public use
23/04/2016Kawasaki Heavy forms a team with Shell to develop hydrogen carriers
23/04/2016A miniature fuel cell blows the drones for more than an hour
09/04/2016Fuel cells power urban vehicles
09/04/2016Researchers at Virginia Tech discover a real discharge in the fuel cell fuel supply with wastewater
09/04/2016The first hydrogen ferry in Norway
09/04/2016 Pininfarina unveils H2 Speed ​​vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cell at the Geneva Motor Show
19/03/2016Luxfer-GTM hydrogen fuel cell ZeroSet generators provide mobile power for the Super Bowl
19/03/2016New technique to convert sunlight into hydrogen
19/03/2016Iran builds fuel cells with good performance at high temperature
19/03/2016Riversimple presents the Rasa, a revolutionary vehicle powered by hydrogen
05/03/2016The waste product of the nuclear industry is used as a catalyst for the production of hydrogen from water
05/03/2016The next generation of fuel cell stacks will be manufactured in steel
05/03/2016EasyJet will test a fuel cell aircraft to help reduce costs
05/03/2016Neah Power Systems obtains two patents for the Powerchip fuel cell
05/03/2016The waste product of the nuclear industry is used as a catalyst for the production of hydrogen from water
05/03/2016The next generation of fuel cell stacks will be manufactured in steel
05/03/2016EasyJet will test a fuel cell aircraft to help reduce costs
05/03/2016Neah Power Systems obtains two patents for the Powerchip fuel cell
20/02/2016A team of Dutch students will build the world’s first vehicle powered by formic acid
20/02/2016SFC Energy announces the integration of the EFOY Pro fuel cell in Video Surveillance Systems of the French Ministry of Defense
20/02/2016Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy through photo-bioelectrochemical batteries
20/02/2016The BOC and TCP alliance allows the creation of the world’s first commercial lighting tower powered by a fuel cell
06/02/2016myFC and du sign an exclusive agreement for the launch in the United Arab Emirates of the fuel cell charger- JAQ
06/02/2016New software to make the fuel data report easier for the State of California
06/02/2016Fiscal Incentives uncertainty surrounds Fuel Cell Vehicles
06/02/2016The largest fuel cell park in the world has been approved in the town of Beacon Falls, Connecticut
23/01/2016Researchers demonstrate the monitoring of individual catalyst nanoparticles during heating
23/01/2016Cella and Herakles sign a memorandum of understanding to continue their collaboration for the development of hydrogen-based energy systems in the Aerospace industry
23/01/2016The concept ‘Hydricity’ uses solar energy to produce hydrogen permanently
23/01/2016Better catalysts for green energy
18/01/2016«White Graphene» could enable ultra-thin devices and fuel cells
18/01/2016MTS has launched the first hydrogen-powered LTE base station in Russia
18/01/2016IBS scientists develop a high-performance, cost-effective fuel cell
18/01/2016Cascadiant will deploy a methanol-based fuel cell solution in an energy alliance with the Indonesian Technology Agency (BPPT)
02/01/2016Iberconappice 2016
21/12/2015Modelon offers the simulation of fuel cell systems for the truck auxiliary power unit
27/10/2015Los Alamos explores an ultra-small gold hybrid nano cluster for enzymatic fuel cells
27/10/2015Hydrogen produced by solar electricity with the highest efficiency in the world
27/10/2015A fuel cell researcher finds a catalyst for automotive innovation at the University of Waterloo
15/10/2015The University of Santo Tomas named National Test Center for Fuel Cells by DOST
15/10/2015Intelligent Energy announces an agreement of 1.62 billion euros to provide efficient, economic and clean energy for more than 27,400 telecommunication towers in India
15/10/2015Project news INGRID- Smart Grids and solid-state hydrogen-based energy storage
15/10/2015Great hydrogen coalition: Daimler, Linde and some partners are going to build new hydrogen fuel stations in Germany
30/09/2015A new way of storing solar energy could lead to the use of more common solar cells
30/09/2015Hydrogen of sunlight: new record of efficiency of artificial photosynthesis
30/09/2015Visit of the President of France, François Hollande to the premises of Air Liquide in Sassenage
30/09/2015H2 Logic delivers the seventh hydrogen refueling station for Denmark
11/09/2015The plant of conversion of energy to gas Hydrogen of Thüga enters the market of adjustments in Germany
11/09/2015South Africa: hydrogen fuel cells are going to be tested in rural schools and clinics
11/09/2015New high performance electrode material for sodium fuel cells
11/09/2015The Toyota Hydrogen fuel cell reaches the stages of the World Rally Championship
28/08/2015A Guide for the installation of hydrogen service stations in motion
28/08/2015AUS performs the first successful flight of an ultralight powered by hydrogen fuel cell in the United Arab Emirates
28/08/2015Doosan sponsors the science and engineering program for students
28/08/2015MTA presents a new hydrogen fuel cell bus
12/08/2015Amgraph Packaging, a veteran Enviro advocate, chooses Doosan as a fuel cell supplier for the Connecticut rural plant
12/08/2015Light hydrogen tanks of the future
12/08/2015Linde opens a hydrogen refueling station in West Sacramento
12/08/2015Plug Power completes the acquisition of the HyPulsion Joint Venture in Europe
29/07/2015The future home is where the hydrogen generator is
29/07/2015Molecular fuel cell catalysts hold the promise of efficient energy storage
29/07/2015 Nanowires increases by ten the efficiency of the «solar fuel cell»
29/07/2015Toyota and Hino are going to test new fuel cell buses on Tokyo’s public roads
18/07/2015BMW drives the development of the fuel cell vehicle with the first street tests
18/07/2015Siemens is going to open a plant for the conversion of electricity from wind to hydrogen
18/07/2015Hydrogen is the future, says Hawaii’s renewable energy advocate Henk Rogers
18/07/2015Fuel cell designers need to see beyond the catalyst and support material
29/06/2015Riversimple develops an exclusive, ultra-low carbon hydrogen vehicle at its R & D headquarters in Wales
29/06/2015Stertil Koni supports the first bus hydrogen refueling station in the United Kingdom
29/06/2015Automakers launch the list of priority locations of Hydrogen Stations
29/06/2015SFC Energy presents the new EFOY ProCabinet with a 500 W integrated fuel cell
22/06/2015Fuel Cells, built-in power for aircraft kitchens
22/06/2015ITM Power announces an update in the trade and operations
22/06/2015A Tool helps to examine the financial aspects of the installation of Hydrogen Stations
22/06/2015Redding considers fuel cell technology as a new source of energy
30/05/2015The European Hydrogen-powered Endurance Race shows the promises of Science Education.
30/05/2015Trenergi presents an innovative prototype fuel cell.
30/05/2015The first hydrogen service station on the German highway opens
30/05/2015Hyundai Motor UK announced the official public price for the Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicle powered by hydrogen.
07/05/2015The investigation could usher in the next generation of batteries and fuel cells. The University of South Carolina and Clemson researchers discover clean interfaces.
07/05/2015Horizon Energy Systems announces a new 700Wh / kg fuel cell for use in Drones.
07/05/2015Construction in progress of a Fuel Cell Installation in Glastonbury
07/05/2015Production of hydrogen at low cost through simplified electrolysis
29/04/2015A Dutch manufacturer develops a sustainable refueling technique at 700 bar for future hydrogen vehicles.
29/04/2015Impala Platinum will use fuel cells as alternative energy supply
29/04/2015Start a project to produce hydrogen from wind power on the coast of Nagasaki.
29/04/2015A discovery in the production of alternative energy can be a breakthrough for hydrogen-powered vehicles
22/04/2015Apple gets its first fuel cell patent
22/04/2015Alstom and the Calw district in Germany sign a letter of intent in the development of a zero emission fuel cell train.
23/04/2015The Government of Korea is working on the popularization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
22/04/2015SFC Energy launches the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, a 500 W fuel cell for industrial applications
23/03/2015 The sun rises on the new route to hydrogen
23/03/2015Hydrogen buses will remain on the RV1 route until 2020
23/03/2015Promising airgel catalyst for fuel cells: decompressed nanotubes become a possible alternative to platinum
23/03/2015The Indian Institute of Technology is going to develop a hydrogen bio fuel from waste
09/03/2015 Researchers at Clarkson University aim to improve hydrogen storage systems
09/03/2015Pioneering research shows that hydrogen technologies are financially viable today
09/03/2015Implats moves to power a platinum refinery with platinum fuel cells
09/03/2015Linde is going to be the exclusive hydrogen supplier of the Shell Eco-marathon.
28/02/2015The Kansai airport is going to become a hydrogen center with ‘green’ forklifts
28/02/2015Hyundai Motor will reduce the price of the fuel cell vehicle in Europe
28/02/2015TFP announces new developments in fuel cell electrode technology
28/02/2015First apartments in the old Hartford Bank building that make use of fuel cells prepared in April
23/02/2015Free patents will shake the fuel cell vehicle sector
23/02/2015Researchers at the NCSU develop a catalytic compound to produce hydrogen and synthesis gas.
23/02/2015A researcher at the Missouri University of Science and Technology finds hydrogen production in an extreme bacterium.
23/02/2015Operation of fuel cells from a bacterium
21/02/2015 New concept of fuel cell to improve efficiency and the environment
21/02/2015The Olympic Village of Tokyo 2020 will be powered by Hydrogen
21/02/2015A brand-new full-service fuel cell ferry
21/02/2015A pioneering project develops a new process to recycle fuel cell components
09/01/2015Record in China: 10,000 kilometers traveled by three cars powered by hydrogen provided by Air Liquide
09/01/2015ITM Power announces its second contract with AMEC Foster Wheeler
09/01/2015Tokyo Gas unveils its first hydrogen refueling station
09/01/2015FuelCell Energy develops a carbon capture process using fuel cells

20/12/2014UBE nylon resin used in the high pressure hydrogen tank of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan
21/08/2014Would you drive a vehicle that runs on urine? Scientists create fuel cells powered by urine that generate energy for vehicles and homes
21/08/2014Toyota reveals the price of its first fuel cell vehicle
21/08/2014Chemical researchers develop a new catalyst with two functions
21/07/2014A Birmingham company pioneered new mobile fuel cell technology
05/07/2014Will hydrogen vehicles or autonomous vehicles come to the mass market for the first time?
05/07/2014A Nebraska company expands to meet the demand for hydrogen fuel
05/07/2014Siemens researchers prove that the electrolytic batteries used to produce hydrogen are stable at 850 degrees
05/07/2014Honda tests a faster hydrogen refueling station
21/06/2014A hybrid fuel cell induced by solar energy produces electricity directly from biomass
21/06/2014Hyundai reveals the concept of the fuel cell vehicle Intrado inspired by aviation
21/06/2014Young Brothers incorporates fuel cell technology in the port of Honolulu
21/06/2014South Korea opens the largest fuel cell plant in the world (59 MW)
07/06/2014German approval for a Newcastle company
07/06/2014In development the first affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for mass transit
07/06/2014Hollywood stars drink water from the emissions of the B-Class hydrogen vehicle in the Death Valley desert
07/06/2014Toyota says sub-zero temperatures pose no problems for fuel cell vehicles
28/05/201488,000 interested in the Hyundai Tucson fuel cell vehicle
28/05/2014Atomic-scale catalysts can produce cheap hydrogen
28/05/2014First hydrogen station in Finland to open in the Port of Vuosaari
28/05/2014Foster Wheeler successfully completes the KORE review for AFC Energy
21/05/2014The US Department of Energy issues a request for information regarding hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell electric vehicles
21/05/2014Proton Motor Fuel Cell launches a more powerful fuel cell stack
21/05/2014Bloom Energy installs the first fuel cell in Japan
21/05/2014Neah Power offers an update video of the new BuzzBar ™ product suite
12/03/2014Ibero-American Congress of Hydrocarbons and Fuel Cells: IBERCONAPPICE 2014

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