The European Commission (25 individual countries of the Union), Switzerland, Iceland and eighty organizations and companies in the sector have signed the Hydrogen Initiative in Linz (Austria), an initiative whose main objective is to accelerate the use of hydrogen technologies . The signatories highlight in that Declaration «the great potential of renewable hydrogen as an energy storage solution». The Government of Spain, the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) and six of its individual partners have joined this initiative, which has not been supported by the governments of Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities), the National Hydrogen Center (public consortium promoted by the Ministry of Education and Science – currently the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness – and the Community Board) of Castilla-La Mancha), the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (promoted by the Government of Aragon) and the companies Ariema Energía y Medio Ambiente SL, ClanTech and H2B2 (all of them partners of the Spanish Association of Hydrogen) have joined The Hydrogen Initiative, an initiative arising from the High-Level Energy Conference, held in Linz, Austria, on September 17 and whose objective is the development and implementation of hydrogen technology. The AeH2 as an association, other 80 companies and entities with diverse profiles from all over the European continent, 25 countries of the European Union, Iceland, Switzerland and the European Commission have also joined this initiative.