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SAI-Number: 2020/320

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Spanish Fuel Cells Association – APPICE

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IMDEA Energy Institut

CIDAUT – Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy

Fuel Cells and Systems Integration Unit


Conference Hydrogen and Fuel Cells organized by the Spanish Association of Fuel Cells

Dual and sustainable energy systems: challenges and opportunities
The objective is to raise awareness of the energy challenges faced by the land, aerospace and naval industry, and how new technologies, based on hydrogen and fuel cells, can respond to these challenges within the framework of a sustainable development. Efforts in research and innovation, as well as in technological development, are still necessary for its introduction into the market in a competitive manner.

On March 19, the Ministry of Public Works launched a strategic plan to encourage that, in Spanish airspace, there may be vigilant drones, taxi drivers or delivery drivers starting in 2035. The first step that the Administration has taken to «boost development» of the sector and place it in a leading position «is the approval of Royal Decree 1036/2017 that increases the number and types of activities that can be carried out with drones and gives greater capacity to operations. According to the calculations of the Ministry itself, in 2035, this sector will have a fleet of 51,400 drones for professional use (there are currently 4,200 in Spain), create 11,000 jobs and move about 1,220 million euros a year in revenue.

JALVASUB Engineering SL

It is a technology-based SME that was born at the beginning of 2017 with the aim of making a series of highly innovative products and services available to the Market. In JALVASUB Engineering SL we want to contribute to the improvement of the current Society, providing possible highly innovative solutions with the objectives of achieving on the one hand increasingly secure Societies, and on the other, to achieve Energy companies increasingly cleaner and more efficient.

IMDEA Energy Institut

Created by the Regional Government of the Community of Madrid in order to promote and carry out R & D activities related to energy, with a special emphasis on the issues that concern renewable energies and clean energy technologies. The ultimate goal is to obtain high-level scientific and technological results that contribute to the development of a sustainable energy system.

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