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Book of Communications of the III National Congress of Fuel Cells – CONAPPICE 2008

This Book includes the works presented in the III National Congress of Fuel Cells, CONAPPICE 2008, which have been accepted by the Scientific Committee, which expresses its congratulations to the authors.
The greatest number of jobs related to low temperature fuel cell technology stands out, from basic research topics related to new materials, electrocatalysts, carbon supports and membranes, to the development of different types of devices: biopiles and minipiles. Durability, reliability and cost reduction remain the main objectives. In high temperature fuel cells, the main topics that focus activity are materials for anodes and cathodes, as well as interfaces and experimental devices.

The works reflect a very promising state of this technology, with good prospects for future commercialization. The production and storage of hydrogen occupy another prominent place in this edition. The processes of gas reforming and transformation of high-energy-value compounds are the subject of a study of a large number of projects in which companies have an important participation.

To conclude, the last session is devoted to the industrial activity, which is very necessary but still incipient at the national level, which is represented by the main companies involved. The activity of these companies is increasingly important, based on projects for the manufacture of modules, vehicles and infrastructure development, some linked to the Zaragoza International Exhibition itself.

The book is published by APPICE in black and white, with more than 400 pages divided into the sessions of the congress.

Presentación Conappice 2008

Índice Conappice 2008

Contraportada Conappice 2008

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