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Communications Book of the First Ibero-American Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2014 – IBERCONAPPICE 2014 –

This Book contains the papers presented at the First Ibero-American Congress of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2014 -IBERCONAPPICE 2014-, which have been accepted by the Scientific Committee, which expresses its congratulations to the authors for the quality of the same, a living sample of the scientific-technological level that is being achieved in our country.

The theme of IBERCONAPPICE 2014 reviews the basic aspects of technology, from the electrochemical conversion of chemical energy into electrical and thermal energy; the materials used in the different technologies; the development of components, their assembly and measurement of the experimental performance achieved; the operation of auxiliary devices and systems; the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen; the development of fuel processors to obtain hydrogen from different fuels; the development of prototypes and power generation systems. It will also include topics related to regulations, security, prospective, market studies

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Prefacio Iberconappice 2014

Hidrógeno Iberconappice 2014

Índice Iberconappice 2014

Aplicaciones Iberconappice 2014

BT Iberconappice 2014

General Iberconappice 2014

AT Iberconappice 2014

Industria Iberconappice 2014

Contraportada Iberconappice 2014

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